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Social trading, a service that allows investors to quickly share information in the form of a social network service (SNS) and refer each other's trading history in real time, is booming.

In the case of eToro, the world's largest social trading platform, its valuation has already reached $.8.8 B. Even in Korea, the number of registered customers of the largest social trading platform β€˜Stock Plus’ exceeded 3 million.

As the social trading industry grows rapidly, the standards of verification required for investment professionals are getting stricter. People no longer believe the so-called β€œinvestment experts” who boast their performance that is not properly certified.

However, social trading in the investment market has various limitations. The biggest problem is that it is not easy to verify the information of traders.

Due to the nature of the investment market, where there are many exchanges and various financial products, except for few star traders, most of the traders who provide trading information are not properly authenticated their past histories (fraud, market manipulation, accidents, etc.) or even their real name.

As a result, social trading platform users have some risks that they can be subjected to fraud, such as unwittingly engaging in market manipulation or being entangled with troubled traders. This is why the need for a professional platform that can properly verify the identity, trading history, and past history of traders for social trading platforms and users is emerging.

From this point of view, STAT (Social Trading Alliance Token) solves the transparency problem of existing social trading services, and furthermore, STAT will provide comprehensive professional services(identity authentication, subscription NFT issuance and management, voice news service, provides professional trading tools for traders, etc.) for traders and social trading platforms.

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