๐Ÿš—| Roadmap & Milestones

โ–ถ 2020 1Q: Idea Building, Stat Team Building and Platform Planning

โ–ถ 2020 2Q: Detailed Service Planning

โ–ถ 2020 4Q: Beginning of Service MVP Development

โ–ถ 2021 2Q: Launch of MVP and Sign Key Partnerships

โ–ถ 2021 3Q: STAT NFT Beta Service Launch, PoC Progress, Partner Integration

โ–ถ 2021 4Q: STAT PoC Stabilization and Primary Market(drops) Development

โ–ถ 2022 1Q: Pre-launch of TOP TRADER CARD Auction Function (drops) for Top Traders

โ–ถ 2022 2Q: Preparation for TOP TRADER CARD(DROPS) official Launch

โ–ถ 2022 3Q: TOP TRADER CARD(DROPS) official Launch & STAT LIVE development

ERC20 Token Migration

โ–ถ 2022 4Q: Listing on a major exchange

โ–ถ 2023 1Q: Announces plans to rebrand NFTs, launches NFT voting platform for NFT rebranding

โ–ถ 2023 2Q: Complete development and deployment of the STAT LIVE service,

Rebranding poll results reflected in new white paper

โ–ถ 2023 3Q: Launch of STAT LIVE service in Bloomingbit 2.0,

Bloomingbit 2.0 features new STAT Trader NFTs,

Introducing the STAT burn mechanism

โ–ถ 2023 4Q: Developing a STAT Home Trading System for Traders

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