โ–ถ A total of 10,000 STAT TRADER CARDs will be issued, which can be purchased for 1,000 STAT each on STAT's marketplace within the partner platform

โ–ถ Once minted, the STAT Trader Card will be available on STAT's partner platforms and can be traded on any secondary NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum-based NFTs.

โ–ถ STAT TRADER CARD is available as a subscription to real-time trading history for STAT-verified traders

โ–ถ Each STAT TRADER CARD allows you to subscribe to one STAT-verified trader on the platform.

Ex) 10 STAT TRADER CARDs allow you to subscribe to 10 STAT-verified traders

  • However, there may be a limit to the number of recognizable STAT TRADER CARDs for each platform

  • For example, if user A owns 100 STAT TRADER CARDs, user A can only subscribe a maximum of 30 STAT-verified traders if a particular platform has set the maximum number of subscribed STAT-verified trader per user at 30.

โ–ถ Users can freely change their subscribed trader to any other trader at any time.

  • However, conditions may vary by platform

  • For example, if a particular platform only allows user to change subscribed traders once per day, user can only change subscribed traders a maximum of once per day.

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