๐Ÿ’ก| STAT TRADER CARD Structure

โ–ถ 10,000 STAT TRADER CARDs minted for the first time on the STAT platform

โ–ถ STAT and its partners offer certain rewards or other benefits to STAT-verified traders, which has led to many traders connecting their APIs to STAT and its partners' platforms.

โ–ถ STAT and its partners verify the historical trading and performance data provided by traders who connect to the API and select high-performing traders as STAT-verified Traders.

โ–ถ STAT TRADER CARD can be purchased through STAT's marketplace on its partner's social trading platform

โ–ถ Users can use the STAT Trader Card to subscribe to real-time trade history on STAT's affiliated social trading platforms.

โ–ถ Users can freely buy/sell STAT TRADER CARD on any secondary NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum-based NFTs.

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